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What services to we offer for lawn care?

  • We believe organic lawn maintenance is the best way to maintain lawns for the long term. We offer Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly fertilizer treatment plans starting at $79 for an average sized lawn. We use only the highest quality OMRI or NOP listed organic fertilizers, soil conditioners and biological agents at optimal times throughout the year to build your soil and make your plants as healthy as possible. Consistent applications create a thick and rich organic top soil layer that is essential for proper drainage, water storage and lush, vigorous turf. We also have the ability to test your soil for nutrient or mineral deficiencies, to treat your plants with Mycorrhizal fungi and to diagnose and treat lawn pests and diseases. A limited amount of manual and spot weed control treatment is included.
  • We can also do a top dress treatment for you to add top soil to improve your overall soil quality. It takes about 500 years for an inch of top soil to develop in North America(even longer in most places in Utah). We can do it in one day! We offer a range of locally sourced compost and garden soils for this treatment. 
  • We also offer organic weed control treatments. You can read about those here.

Why is organic lawn care better than synthetic?

When people ask what makes our lawn care service better than our synthetic counterparts the analogy that I use is how you could approach the problem of being generally unhealthy. You can go to the doctor and have them give you a vitamin B12 shot and give you other medicines. This will make you feel better for a while but if you don't make any changes to your lifestyle this will be a short term solution. Instead you could commit to eating a healthy diet, exercising at regular intervals throughout the week and get a full 8 hours of sleep. This will make you healthier in the long run because you are solving the problem rather than treating symptoms.

Your soil and by extension your plants are analogous to a human body. They need the right macro/micronutrients, the right PH, the right soil structure, the right amount of water/drainage and the right amount of organic matter to be healthy and to increase the number of beneficial microorganisms. Our service works on improving all of these aspects of your soil health, solving your long term soil health problems.

Synthetic fertilizer treatments only provide the three most important macronutrients. They do nothing to improve your soil and the high concentrations of these nutrients and can and often do kill the beneficial organisms in your soil. This process will make your plants look healthy for a little while but can actually make your soil less healthy over time.

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