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Herbicides have come a long way since the advent of synthetic chemicals. Most modern herbicides for lawns are called selective herbicides. This means that they are able to kill broadleaf plants, i.e. weeds, and leaves your grass alive. There are no organic OMRI or NOP listed selective herbicides currently on the market. The problem with non-organic selective herbicides like these is that they can be bad for human health. They also do not breakdown very quickly which means it can run off or leach into the water table and have unintended consequences. 

These herbicides can also kill or weaken the natural nematodes and symbiotic fungi that help your plants. These beneficial organisms naturally increase the water and nutrients available for your plants. Once these natural entities are gone your plants become weaker and more dependent on these same non-organic chemicals to combat weeds and diseases in the future.

Wasatch Natural implements a long term weed control methodology that reduces or eliminates the need for herbicides. Our approach is to make your plants and soil as healthy as possible with the use of fertilizers, minerals and biological agents. When your grass is healthy it naturally crowds out the weeds without the use of harmful chemicals. This is a process that takes time but we feel in the long run it is much better for your plants and for the planet.

We do have a couple of treatments available to you while we are improving your soil and plant health:

  • We have OMRI and NOP listed non-selective herbicides. These herbicides will kill weeds but they will also grass so they can only be used as a spot treatment and for weed control in planting beds.
  • We also have a selective herbicide available called Fiesta. It is not OMRI or NOP listed. It is a Chelated Iron solution. It technically can not be OMRI listed because the Chelating agent doesn't meet the requirements for being OMRI listed. We are told that this Chelating agent is used as a food additive and an ingredient in medicines. This is the safest selective herbicide that we have been able to find in over 8 years of looking.

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